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Social Media Management

Cohansey Media provides the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on all social media platforms. Helping you and your business reach a wider audience. Cohansey Media is designed to make running your social media campaign effortless!

Social Media Marketing

Cohansey Media takes social media to different platforms, connecting with your business’s ideal audience. Developing your brand, increasing revenue, and achieving a greater level of website traffic!

Brand Analysis

Cohansey Media works on the study, and interpretation of your brand. We break down how your brand in perceived in the correct market. This process is completed by maintaining, improving, and upholding your brand. This makes it so your business is associated with positive, and profitable results!

Digital Marketing

Cohansey Media is dedicated to using all digital channels to build awareness and promote your brand to the target audience. This includes using tools such as online marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. Using this tool requires promoting and drawing in your audience through all digital platforms.

Digital Is Key

“No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analyzed or communicated without ‘Digital Technology’ being an integral part of it. That, in itself, speaks to the overwhelming ‘value’ of digital technology.”

-Louis Rossetto, Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine

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Our Working Process

Cohansey Media is dedicated to establishing the perfect strategy for you and your business. Take a closer look at the key components in developing that strategy.

Creative Process

Our team at Cohansey Media strives to create content for your digital presence that works best for you and your business. Generating original, and informative content that assists in the building of your brand!

Design and Development

Cohansey Media is committed to taking the time, and applying the effort needed to understand the ins and outs of your business. Building a brand is a process that requires knowledge, and creativity. Knowing your business, your market, and your ideal audience is key to this process. Once all these vital steps are taken, Cohansey Media and its team of experts will then design, and develop original content that best suits the needs you and your business require.

Bonus Features

Cohansey Media and our team of experts are always looking to improve your media presence, along with making your day to day operations less stressful. Does your business offer merchandise? How about an online store? Once you begin your journey with Cohansey Media and take the social media route, one of the services we can provide is linking your social media page to the said merchandise and online store, via Facebook store. Thus, providing your business and its audience with a “One Stop Shop” while visiting your social media page!

Final Product

The final product, to us, is never fully reached. In this business there is always ways to grow and improve. Your social media, website design, and video production tools are here to assist your business, and its brand, flourish in all aspects. With the help from our team at Cohansey Media, your digital presence WILL increase revenue, achieve a nation-wide audience, as well as create a brand that is highly known and trusted on all platforms. We will achieve all goals, and continue to set new ones, together!